1. Don’t snipe any leech! (Pre-selling, selling when someone else sold first or selling to a leech who already has a host).

2. Only accept payments for one floor at a time (Rushes and mediums are the only exceptions).

3. When you sell, you must say sold and three concurrent letters of the leech’s name. (Example: Delirium: Buying Occult. > Sold Del, world … Tutor).

4. You can’t ditch your leech to sell to another leech. However, you can hand down the leech to another host (who must be in agreement) before you pick up another leech.

5. Any host can deduct time from the floor if the leeches are AFK or can’t perform the puzzle rooms that are required of them (In a situation where the leeches AFK too much and the floor goes above refund time).

6. Take issues that you have with other ranks to a General or Captain via private message (pm).

7. All payments should be split evenly between you and your duo partner (dp).

8. Don’t make your leech(es) wait over 2-3 minutes.

9. Any Ranks can offer to DP if no one else is available, but the higher rank has the right to decline the offer. However, even though they can DP with a 2s3l rank, they aren’t allowed to be the ones to spawn the floor. The 2s3l rank should be in charge.

10. When filling a floor, you aren’t expected to receive any of the proceeds.

11. It’s good etiquette and strongly encouraged to give +1 parties leech priority.

12. The host needs to call GTE before 11:50, otherwise the floor would be considered a refund. A host can’t expect the leeches to respond within a second. (Calling GTE at 11:58 and blaming the leech for ending at 12:03 isn’t acceptable. It’s actually the host’s fault, and it’s a refund).

13. No malicious action of any kind towards any member from other FCs will be tolerated.

14. You can’t obtain a rank in our competitor’s FC and be ranked with us at the same time.