1. Join “DG Service” Friends Chat and state which floor or theme you would like to buy.

2. A rank will say “Sold + 3 concurrent letters of your RSN” and tell you where to meet them.

3. Pay before the floor. Pay one floor at a time for larges, up to 3 floors for mediums, and all rushes at once.

4. You may be refunded if a large floor takes longer than 12 minutes to complete AND/OR if the bonus % is less than 11%. For medium floors, it is over 10 minutes and 11% bonus %.

5. Once you are in the floor, sit at base and keep an eye on the chat in case you are required to assist with anything.

6. Please be patient while waiting for hosts, a rank will sell you when they are available.

7. Do not pay for floors with Non-Ranks in the fc, we will not be responsible for their actions.


To receive the maximum possible xp per floor, it is very important that you reset your progress correctly. Failing to do this may cut the xp you receive in half, or even less!

The xp you get for a floor is the average between the xp you get for the floor you just completed, and the same floor if it had been on the floor of your previous prestige.

For example, if your previous progress is 45, and you complete floor 30, you will receive the average between xp for floor 30 and floor 45. This means your previous progress should always be as high as possible! When you reset, your previous progress will be set to your current progress (the amount of floors you have completed since your last reset), and your current progress will be set to 0.

Therefore, you should reset if, and only if, all of your available floors have been completed. If you open your party interface while in a party, and click the change button next to the floor number, you will see your available floors.

When every single one of those floors has a tick mark next to it, you can reset your progress. Our ranks are expected to keep an eye on your floors, and inform you when you should reset. However, it is still good practice to do this yourself.


Checking Floors


To check which floors you need, click your ring of kinship>form party>change floor.

If you hover the cursor over the column, you can see the floor number and theme.

All floors need to be completed (have a tick/check) before resetting, and repeating. Floors in the same theme will check other floors in that theme.

Meet your host


Once you are ready, join the fc “Dg Service” and ask for the floor or theme you need. E.g “Buying floor 30” OR “Buying Occ”. Once a rank is available, they will respond in the fc “Sold + 3 concurrent letters of your RSN” and ask you to meet them on the world/location they say.

To aid in quick party formation, the location to meet your host is commonly near the tutor, otherwise known as “tut”. Pay your host before the floor; rushes are all paid in advance, up to 3 floors for med and 1 floor at a time for larges.

In the Floor

Room Base.png

Once in the floor, stay in the home room unless called for to teleport to group puzzles rooms or end.

Use the teleport portal in the base room. If in a puzzle room and once completed you can home teleport to get to base room again until “gte” is called.

gt levs

Room levs ps.png

The host may state “gt levers” during a floor, in which case you will need to teleport and stand near an available lever.

Avoid the 2 close levers in the corner, marked with 2 and 3 in the picture, as your host can pull them both. Pull your lever when “33333” is called, or some variation, otherwise follow their instruction.

gt emotes

Room emotes ps.png

The host may state “gt emotes” during a floor, in which case you will need to teleport and stand on an available pad. Copy the emote of the statue in front of you 3 times consecutively.

Please familiarise yourself with the following 5 options;

1) Wave

2) Nod Head

3) Shake Head

4) Laugh

5) Cry

gt ports

Room Portals ps.png

The host may state “gt portals” during a warped floor, in which case you will need to teleport and orientate your compass north.

The host will provide their instruction. “w ops” would mean initially go in the western portal, and continue each opposite portal of the new room. “NSE” would mean go north, south, then east to complete, stand on the available pad when arriving in the middle.

gt end

Room end ps2.png

The host may state “gte” in the chat, in which case use the portal to teleport, click the ladder and follow the dialog to end the floor.

You may come across a situation in which the ladder may not show. If this happens, the ladder will appear if you run to the opposite side of the room and back. Leave the floor in the winterface to meet the host outside.